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If you had freedom in your day to day timeline, what would that mean to you? Your family? This business model revolves around your life instead of your life revolving around a job which dictates your time day after day…. What I love most about being in this kind of business is that I have FREEDOM of my time. I think it’s wonderful to live life in charge of your time, and be able to have a career too. I love having a career that provides amazing products for women who are so eager to have them. It makes it easy and fun to represent products that really and truly sell themselves! It’s wonderful to be able to enrich other lives by mentoring women into their own successful careers, it is very fulfilling and extremely rewarding. SeneGence is a company anyone would want to be connected to, it becomes family to all who join. Many distributors’ sign up to get the discount because it is easy and without purchasing demands. Some want to supplement their family income, some are looking for a new career path, and some just want to have fun! Any reason you choose to sign up, will work!

Back in 2002 SeneGence was blazing a trail with LipSense®, everyone wanted it then and they still do now! The popularity of the product propelled my personal product discount business into a growing wonderful career, and I’ve never looked back! It is still so fun, it never gets old! Personal growth & recognition! Car & exotic trip rewards! You can join for a discount and can evolve into an amazing career like me! FREEEDOM of time! That you have only finite amount of, live your life wisely… live your life on your terms spending your time the way you choose. You will never regret it!

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SeneGence is a wonderful company. Here is  a story about SeneGence bringing  a new SeneGence distribution center to Tulsa. (Creek County). The center is expected to bring 75 new jobs to the area!


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Hotlips Hoolihan Team